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noneHow do disinfectants work?

How do disinfectants work?

Cleaning your home isn’t always enough – that’s why disinfecting your home is a crucial part of supporting your family’s protection. Read more to learn about our top tips.

Many bacteria and viruses can survive in the environment and on surfaces for days at a time, and the only way to kill bacteria and viruses is to use disinfectant products.

How do we remove and inactivate viruses?

The aim of a virus is to replicate itself, but it cannot do this on its own. It needs to get inside of us to infect our healthy cells. Surfaces can easily become contaminated with viral particles, especially if somebody who is infected has been near it. These surfaces provide temporary homes for the virus to transfer, primarily to the hands of those who come into contact with it. Contaminated hands can then transfer some viruses present to our faces. This provides the virus with a route to enter our bodies.

Dettol products can help to remove viruses on surfaces or our hands to help prevent it getting into the body in the first place, breaking the chain of infection.

How do disinfectants work?

How we kill bacteria

We kill bacteria by causing damage to proteins within the outer layers of the bacterial cell and the whole cell consequently simply splits open and dies. Learn more below.

What areas in your home need disinfecting?

The Kitchen.

Your kitchen is a crucial place where hygiene should come first. It’s where you prepare food, and some food-borne illnesses can be found including food poisoning. E. Coli bacteria originate from raw meat, listeria from cheeses, and salmonella from chicken and raw eggs. Help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses by disinfecting work surfaces after each food preparation with Dettol Trigger Kitchen spray, and consistent use of an antibacterial soap like Dettol Hand Wash after touching any raw meat or eggs. Refrigerators and cupboard handles should also be cleaned on a weekly basis.

The Bathroom.

Bathrooms can be bacteria and virus hotspots because of toilets. It’s here that faeces can be aerosolized and in turn land on surfaces. Get into the habit of using Dettol Disinfectant Spray* or Dettol Antiseptic Liquid to kill bacteria and viruses from surfaces.

Always remember, disinfectants are chemical substances and need to be treated with care – always read the product labels carefully before using.

Now that you know more about disinfectants and how they work, find out how you can keep the rest of your home clean here.

*Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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