Healthy Holidays Are Happy Holidays!

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s almost time for some fun in the sun with your family. Being out and about on vacation means it’s even more important to look after yourself and your loved ones. So, take note of our guide to staying healthy this season and don’t let illnesses spoil your family’s vacation.

How to keep your family healthy this season:

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital to your family’s health in the hottest months but take care to only drink clean and purified water. Give your children their own bottle of water to take with them if they go out to play, this should stop them from drinking any unhygienic water along the way.

  • Be careful about what you eat

During the hot and dry month, we see a rise in cases of food poisoning and foodborne illness. It’s important to take a few precautions so that food poisoning doesn’t spoil your vacation. If you are eating out whilst on holiday, carry a bottle of Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser with you to make sure your hands are hygienically clean before eating. Try to eat light meals and remember to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating or preparing food to help prevent food poisoning. This will go a long way in preventing any nasty germs from your hands being passed to your mouth.

  • Wear clean, loose fitting and long clothing

Loose and long sleeved clothing is the best choice of clothing for vacations. Long sleeved clothes provides more protection from the sun’s UV rays which can be especially harmful to children’s delicate skin. Loose clothing made of natural fibres also allows your skin a bit more breathing room, helping your body to cool down more easily. Remember bacteria can build up on your clothes too, so change and wash them regularly adding Dettol AntiBacterial Laundry Cleanser or Dettol Antiseptic Liquid to your laundry to help kill germs on your clothes.

  • Hand washing

Our hands are the biggest carrier of germs and spending more time outside during vacations means our families come in contact with even more potentially harmful germs. Hand washing is key to keeping you and your family healthy over the holidays because it significantly reduces the chances of many illnesses. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, especially before eating and after going to the toilet to keep illness at bay this season. Keep a hand sanitiser with you for quick protection on the go and remind your children just how important it is to practice good hand hygiene.

  • Shower Regularly

Maintain good personal hygiene on your vacation by having a bath or shower every day. It could be a good idea to shower twice on especially hot days or if you have playing sports. Use soap, like Dettol Gold, and warm water to wash away not just dirt but also illness causing germs that have accumulated during the day. If your children have been playing barefoot outside make sure their feet are washed properly and that any cuts are cleaned using an antiseptic liquid. (Use one part Dettol Antiseptic Liquid to 20 parts of water.)

So there you have it, staying healthy this season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A few extra precautions and maintaining a good personal hygiene routine will make sure you and your loved ones can make the most of your vacations.